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"My three wishes!" said Hasan. "You will grant me three wishes, won’t you?"
The jinn thought for a while. “Why?” it asked.
“That’s what jinns do! Don’t you know that ? Everyone knows that!”
Three wishes, thought the jinn. What was he talking about?
The camel took a look at the jinn. It started to run.
“I don’t know what you mean,” said the jinn. “Why would I want to grant you three wishes?”
“I freed you! From the lamp!” Hasan looked around wildly for his camel. It was gone.
The jinn had had enough of this nonsense. Freed him from his own lamp, indeed! It flew up in the sky, caught up with the running camel and ate it.
Aaaaaah, fresh camel. Very good.
It was still hungry.
It looked around, found Hasan, wide-eyed and trembling, trying to hide behind a dune, and ate him too.
Why? Why had he wanted wishes? He was quite juicy, though.
Then it found the lamp—the handle was sticking out of the swirling sand—and flew inside. Time for a nice nap.
The dunes shifted again in the howling sandstorm. Sand covered the beautifully carved golden lamp.
Inside it the jinn was habing trouble sleeping.
What wishes? Why wishes?
Another, very disturbing thought struck the jinn and kept it awake for a long time.
Why three?
— Samit Basu, The Simoqin Prophecies (Game World Trilogy 1)

make me choose

richards-smile asked: Berlin premiere or Madrid premiere

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wanna know what a cow looks like washed and blow dried?



that is what a cow looks like washed and blow dried


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imagine elves with freckles being looked upon with wonder and amazement because it is said that they are born with stars on their skin

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An hour passed. Nothing happened.
Another hour passed. Many things happened to the twenty-one people who rode into the large circular clearing at the end of that hour. Twenty died. But one lived. And whatever happened to him for the rest of his life concerns us. Deeply. For he was Prince Asvin of Avranti, the Hero of our story. The Chosen One. A Person to Whom Things Happen. Many Things.
— Samit Basu, The Simoqin Prophecies (Game World Trilogy 1)


Reminder that Tony Curran is a fucking versatile actor who has probably made you both cry and rage.

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